E-ZBorrow (Request a Book)

E-ZBorrow is a service that enables patrons to borrow books directly from those libraries participating in PALCI, the Pennsylvania Academic Library Consortium, Inc. Please note: Only books which are not available from JW England Library may be requested via E-ZBorrow, so check availability in the Library Catalog (cataLyst) before searching in E-ZBorrow.

To use E-ZBorrow, just log in (*), locate the book or other material you need, and request it. The book will be sent from the lending library, and will be available for pick-up at the Circulation Desk. The book will be checked out to you for 28 days from pick-up date. Patrons also have one automatic renewal.

Can't find the book you need through E-ZBorrow? Simply place your request via ILLiad.


*Your E-ZBorrow login is on your USciences ID card. The length of the login number varies depending on when your ID card was issued:

  • Older cards include a 12-14-digit number marked "Lib:". Enter this number in the "Patron Id" field to login.
  • If your card does not have a "Lib:" number, enter your 7-digit ID number in the "Patron Id" field to login. NOTE: You must enter 7 digits to login; if there are less than 7 digits on your ID, just type additional zeroes before your ID number so it becomes a 7-digit number. For example, if your ID number is 654321, enter 0654321. If your ID number is 54321, enter 0054321.

Occassionally neither the "Lib:" number nor the 7-digit ID number allow a login. Usually this can be quickly corrected, so if you cannot login to E-ZBorrow please report the issue to us via Ask a Librarian. Remember to include your name and please tell us if you have been issued a replacement ID card.





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